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In single-tasking operating systems like the original Macintosh operating system, the wait cursor might indicate that the computer was completely unresponsive to user input, or just indicate that response may temporarily be slower than usual due to disk access.

Software causes

This changed in multitasking operating systems such as System Software 5 , where it is usually possible to switch to another application and continue to work there. Individual applications could also choose to display the wait cursor during long operations and these were often able to be cancelled with a keyboard command.

The display of the wait cursor is now controlled only by the operating system, not by the application. This could indicate that the application was in an infinite loop , or just performing a lengthy operation and ignoring events. Each application has an event queue that receives events from the operating system for example, key presses and mouse button clicks ; and if an application takes longer than 2 seconds [7] to process the events in its event queue regardless of the cause , the operating system displays the wait cursor whenever the cursor hovers over that application's windows.

This is meant to indicate that the application is temporarily unresponsive, a state from which the application should recover. It also may indicate that all or part of the application has entered an unrecoverable state or an infinite loop. During this time the user may be prevented from closing, resizing, or even minimizing the windows of the affected application although moving the window is still possible in OS X, as well as previously hidden parts of the window being usually redrawn, even when the application is otherwise unresponsive.

While one application is unresponsive, typically other applications are usable.


File system and network delays are another common cause. By default, events and any actions they initiate are processed sequentially, which works well when each event involves a trivial amount of processing, the spinning wait cursor appearing until the operation is complete. If processing takes long, the application will appear unresponsive. Developers may prevent this by using separate threads for lengthy processing, allowing the application's main thread to continue responding to external events.

However, this greatly increases the application complexity. Along with its other functions, it allows the user to monitor and sample applications that are either not responding or performing a lengthy operation.

How do I stop the Spinning Beach Ball of Death on my Mac?

Each time an application does not respond and the spinning wait cursor is activated, Instruments can sample the process to determine which code is causing the application to stop responding. With this information, the developer can rewrite code to avoid the cursor being activated.

Apple's guidelines suggest that developers try to avoid invoking the spinning wait cursor, and suggest other user interface indicators, such as an asynchronous progress indicator. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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