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Transcribe, subtitle, and caption: interviews, rushes, dailies, raw footage, final edits, podcasts and documentaries in languages.

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And translate too. Simon Says applies speech recognition to your media files, transcribing it in a fraction of the usual time and cost. The transcripts are timecoded and timecode synced and can be logged, bookmarked, annotated, shared, edited, and exported to Word, Excel and your NLE software.

Tips to improve the transcription accuracy. Your files are yours , private and confidential. For instance, you can easily control the sources and destinations of the audio. In addition to this, an in-built task manager and syncing options make it really easy for users to deal with multiple transcription projects. Express Scribe is the best macOS transcription software for intermediates and professionals. It offers enough control and customization over the transcription process.

You can also connect external accessories to grab the best results. Transcriva is one of the transcription software that prioritizes User Interface.

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It has been designed in a way that the transcription process is put first. Of course, there are professional features like food-pedal support, but Transcriva focuses on how easily you can transcribe. In both cases, you have easy ways to track your progress and customize the process. For instance, Transcriva has a mini-player for video playback. On the other hand, you can control the sound and speed when you are using an audio player as the source. In addition to the standard fulfilling, Transcriva offers some cool features.

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Follow-Along , for instance, allows you to check the transcribed content for accuracy. Similarly, support for multiple audio sources and complete support for keyboard shortcut make the transcription process a lot smoother. Compared to Express Scribe, Transcriva offers better transcript management as well. Transcriva is suitable for all types of transcribers — casual, hobbyists and professionals. It offers the best compatibility as well as recording options as well.

Descript is at the same time a professional transcription software as well as an intelligent audio editor. You can also use this program to automatically transcribe audio content and use some smart features. Talking about features, Descript has many to offer. Drag-and-drop functionality helps you get the transcription done in a few minutes.

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Powered by Google Speech, this tool offers an impressive level of accuracy when it comes to automated transcription. Leave that aside, Descript still can be used as a great way to deal with a different variety of manual transcription. We love it how arranged Descript is when it comes to content. You have complete control over how an audio file is played and synced with the transcribed data.

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This would be useful in the long run, when you have to make edits. When you work with a team, these features make sense. Descript is the best option if you need a combination of manual and automated transcription on Mac. You would have to spend 7 Cents per minute to get the full features — every second counts. The pedals are "plug and play" which make them easy to install and use.

Purchase a foot pedal Express Scribe has been designed to work with professional foot pedals to help improve your transcription turn-around and increase productivity. Automatically send and receive files You can set the option in Express Scribe to automatically check an FTP server, local network or computer folder for new dictations at timed intervals. It will automatically load new dictations found in the specified path, speeding up your work-flow. Works with Word and other text editors If you prefer to type your transcriptions into a word processor, Express Scribe will run in the background while you use hot-keys or a footpedal to control it.

What is Express Scribe for? Mac OS X I am very pleased with it.

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Express Scribe typing foot pedal software is just one part of the NCH Software dictation suite, other titles include: Recommend Express Dictate dictation recorder for easy integration with Express Scribe. Increase transcription speed with FastFox typing expander by creating shortcuts for common phrases and industry terminology. Easily manage the billing of your client list with Express Invoice Invoicing Software. For more software see our Dictation Software page.