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You probably saw Eric Mac Lain during the coverage of the Orange Bowl and the National Championship as he was being interviewed by what seemed like every reporter in the country. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. You might also like The lasting imprint of the Paw.

Cadence Count: Tailgating by the numbers.

Congratulations to all the members of our Stars Club!!

Tailgating with the Tigers. Clemson Roots - Nashville Dreams. Determined Spirits.

Lifelong Tigers. Coming Home to Clemson. But it's amazing most politicians are natural cunning boxers; but you and Bill seemed to do it with such ease. Clinton : Well, what I can I say, Bill may have seemed reckless at times, and a little too slick, but I'm proud of what my husband accomplished in and out of the ring during his two administrations.

Joe Biden "looking for an upset" against Clemson

Clinton : Listen…. I think we have more pressing concerns than to engage in name calling. We are, after all, mixed up in a dreadful civil war in Iraq, the economy is in shambles; thousands of industrial workers in the northeast are without jobs, our health care system needs reform, and global warming is growing more threatening every day. So I think we all need to put away our boxing gloves and start behaving like Democrats and get the country back on its feet again. - Eric Mac Lain talks Orange Bowl

Clinton : Well, thank you Mr. Rover, but I never believed in mud-slinging and hitting below the belt. Roving Reporter : Left eyebrow is now raised Senator Obama has a drinking problem, Edwards, paid for more than a hair cut? What are you suggesting senator? And Mr.

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Edwards, well, he has to make himself as presentable as possible in front of all those Wall Street executives and hedge-fund brokers. Please be discreet Mr. Clinton: You might want to put some ice on that eye; it looks like it's beginning to swell.

Biden visits Clemson to rally against campus attacks; VP challenges young men to join It's On Us

Roving Reporter : The ice can wait; aren't you at least going to apologize for smacking me in the eye? Clinton : Oh, don't be silly, you're going to live Mr. Roving Reporter : I know I'm going to live, the point is, are you going to apologize? Clinton : Listen, Mr. Rover, don't get testy with me; I took responsibility for my actions by suggesting you put some ice on that eye, what else I can offer you.

Roving Reporter : How bout an apology? Clinton : Mr. Rover, if I apologize to you, then everyone will want an apology from me every damn time I do something wrong. It just would set a bad precedent, do you catch my drift? Roving Reporter : OK. I guess I just overreacted. I'm sorry. Clinton : I accept your apology. Studios have plenty of scripts already written, and enough pre-taped shows to last them through the year. So with the writers and studios gridlocked, is there any middle ground that can be reached before television studios go dark? But what if our worst fears do come to light, and scripted television production grinds to a halt.

In New York, players like to drag a bunt, in L.

New York is known for their home run blasts and headfirst slides, while L. A, they prefer the sounds of leather, whips, and chains. While double-headers have become a thing of the past in New York, L. While New York fans like to put mustard on their pretzels, L. New York players pride themselves concentrating on the strike zone; L. Russert practically laughed in his face, saying only 14 percent of Americans believe in the phenomenon.