Find iphone backup on mac lion

I attempted to import the library. I did and some of my playlists came back. However, not the ones I really wanted. How can I get my apps back without losing data? I have documents and files, in some. Do I have to make a new playlist with a new name, or do I make a new playlist with the same name as the old ones and put all the same songs in again? How can I do backup wd these files?? I am so confused,can you please help?? And if so, how woud he do that? Then what good is the backup file? What process should be simpler on any system then doing a restore?

Ok I am trying to move my itunes and iphone settings from a windows 7 pc to a new iMac running Lion. I have the following files from pc.

Apple® iPhone® - Turn iCloud® Backup On / Off

Do I put all but the itunes media in the following folder? I tried that and all my media showed up in itunes:apps,music,books,etc but my log of previous iphone back ups did not show up? Where exactly do I put the above windows files, other than the itunes one I got to work, in the mac? But that is not the case with me.

In my case, the phone itself is primary; I want the pc backup to be like the phone. I have spent a lot of time manually moving stuff to the phone, stuff that is not in my iTunes library. I never synch. I am afraid to try the directions as they are written, as I fear it will hose what I have on my phone.

Am I wrong? I appreciate your time and knowledge on these matters. If i have multiple from 2 separate phones can i just merge all the info from each backup into one and cross fingers have all the info sync back to my new phone when i restore? You can find this backup using these instructions. Now that I have an iPhone, I am personally coming up against the Apple limitations.

Yet, my 8 yr old phone did that with literally 1 click, after you put the phone in your hand, to get into Groups. When have you moved other applications from one computer to the next and had it be super easy? Adobe Photoshop? Why should this be any different.

Option 2. Recover iTunes Backup Password with iPhone Backup Unlocker on Mac

Why would Apple waste more of their time on this than another company? If you lose your iPhone backup is it a big deal???? Install iTunes to your new computer and sync your phone to back it up…done. Im hoping you can help. I have found my back up files on my PC. But how do i put them back into itunes. The problem i have is that i have had to go back to using the first edition iphone as my other broke.

Extract iOS Device Photos from an iTunes Backup – The Mac Observer

When i try and back it up it wont show the back up i did last week. I now plan to save one good backup just in case I face a similar situation the next time. Folder 1 — 71efef78f4ff4efa16c8ad09b2caaf22 Folder 2 — 71efef78f4ff4efa16c8ad09b2caaf I have 8 folders totaling 20GB. Potentially one of these is a back-up of my former 3GS and the other is for my 4G. The 4G is only 16GB.

What would you suggest to find my database? I point Itunes there, and it finds the library. For your individual backup files, it stores them wherever your Windows profile is, you can move your profile to a different drive if you wish using the built in Windows tools. Anyone that says problems people are having with this application are to do with the operating system are incorrect.

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Yes you can change profile locations etc in windows but that is not what people are trying to do. One of the basic functions of itunes is that it is a frontend for managing large amounts of data.

Keep your iPhone and iPad data safe in the cloud

To not have a basic option in the application of this nature like where you want that data to be stored is an EPIC fail. Is there a way to take a back up file from a previous phone and put it onto a new one.

Locate backups of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Say if you broke your old phone, bought a new one and want to use the back up files on that? Its all just amateurish. One of the most useful aspects of a computer is to manage your media files for media players; you expedite this by separating data and programs for support and maintainability; apple prevents you from doing that…. My iphone 3g will not backup to my computer. I know it is there somewhere.

I am decent with computers but it is hidding well. The XP machine crashed right ater an iPhone backup and the iPhone was replaced by Apple with a brand new one. Windows was somehow crupted and will not boot. I cannot even repair it with a legit windows disc so I slaved the crashed XP to another XP machine freshly rebuilt just to get my backup info. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Option 1. Try Possible Password to Unlock iTunes Backup Password on Mac

Rule 1 about designing ANY product: the onus of putting in man-hours so that the product usable and convenient should ALWAYS be on the company providing the product, not on the customer. Saying that end-users should have to put in their own work to attain what should be basic functionality is nothing more than rude and disrespectful to your customers.

Admittedly only a small proportion of iTunes users are going to worry too much about these things especially once they learn how damn awkward it is , but at a minimum that still means several thousand users across the globe at many man-hours each learning how to set up symbolic links?

Moreover, it would make it simpler AND more reliable for everyone. You need:. Yes, even if your iTunes Media folder path is set elsewhere. In the interest of making things even more unnecessarily complicated, all your iPhone backups, CD information, iTunesOutlook sync settings, and assorted other iTunes settings and preferences are located here. Bad luck, you just lost ALL your playlists, along with play counts and your carefully-matched downloaded artwork.

Smart enough after reading around the web to realize you needed both 1 and 2 regardless, but had no idea about 3 … and just had an iPhone crash while your PC was being rebuilt? Well said. He takes what is admittedly good, while hideously overpriced, hardware, and makes it absolutely unusable with resrictions of every conceivable type. I hate Apple, I hate my iPhone, and I hate everyone who preaches how great their stuff is.

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  4. Tricycles are great too. I hear ya. This is my first, and last iPhone. And the backup system is terrible. I am running out of space on drive C: as i have drive D: designated for all of my data- i even have the huge outlook data file outlook. Apple has better things to do?!!