Windows emulator for mac os 9

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I went to a lot of trouble to run Windows 1. The emulator is in black and white rather than color, and you can't save any changes, but you can use the mouse cursor and run the earliest Windows programs, like Reversi, Notepad, and Paint: The simulation is "configured for a clock speed of 4. This website lets you run Mac OS System 7, released in , on a simulated Macintosh Plus , a computer introduced in As a nice touch, it runs the OS within an illustration of the physical computer:. Developer James Friend writes that this demo "emulates a Mac Plus with a bunch of abandonware applications and games to check out.

Windows 1.0: It’s older than the World Wide Web

Coder Michael Vincent's website provides a functional version of Windows 3. Where features do exist, every effort is made to present them in exactly the manner that they existed in Windows 3.

This is one of the more functional browser-based emulators. You can use applications, open files, and even surf the Web on a browser apparently one Vincent designed himself: Enlarge Michael Vincent. Released in and one of the last versions of the classic Mac operating system before it was replaced by OS X, you can find this old operating system at VirtualDesktop.

This one isn't totally usable.

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I couldn't resize or move windows, and not all of the icons are clickable. But the included functions work smoothly, and you can open enough applications and menus that it provides a nice look at a long-gone OS. This one also isn't totally functional, but it's worth firing up to see the first version of Microsoft's iconic Start menu:.

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Just for kicks, here's one other " fully functional " version of Windows 95 that may provide you with a frustratingly familiar sight. You can navigate through some of the system preferences, see an early version of the OS X dock, and start up Mail or Internet Explorer for Mac.

Run Classic Mac OS on a Mac Plus Emulator in Any Web Browser

Once again, if you want a fully functional version, you'll probably have to install a copy on a virtual machine. We'll finish off with the operating system that just won't die no matter how old it is.

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  4. That ends our brief tour of old Windows and Mac versions you can run in a browser.