How to share windows network printer with mac

I set out to find the easiest way to share a printer, using my own home equipment: two MacBook Pro laptops, a Dell Windows 7 desktop and an Asus Windows 7 netbook. No printers with built-in Wi-Fi here. The basic problem with setting up a shared printer is that the U.

Sharing a printer via U. Feeling a little befuddled yet? The squabble between Windows and Mac devices has its roots in the use of different printer software typically referred to as drivers and networking protocols, two under-the-hood technologies that are inscrutably complicated. And, as is the case with most Americans, computers and networking devices tend to be fluent in only one operating language: either Windows or Mac.

These limitations, which can include an inability to connect and incompatibility with the scanning functions of all-in-one printers, can be easily avoided by purchasing a new printer with integrated Wi-Fi or Ethernet networking.

Adding a Network Printer on a Mac

But if you are not ready to throw out your older printer, there are a handful of ways to share it on a home network. But with some tweaking, at least one should work for you. The Cheapest. What you need: A U.

How to share your printer with multiple users

Con: The computer must be left on to use the printer. In Windows, this is an easy setup that requires no additional equipment. I connected a U. I installed the driver, right-clicked the printer icon, clicked Printer properties and selected the Share tab to enable sharing. To access the printer on my wireless Windows netbook, I started the Add printer wizard, but this time selected Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.

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I selected the right printer, installed the drivers and was set to print. View all New York Times newsletters.

Use your Mac to print to a printer connected to a Windows computer

Back at the Mac, I navigated to Add Printer, held the Control key and right-clicked on the toolbar, then selected Customize the toolbar and dragged the Advanced icon onto the bar. I clicked Add, installed the printer driver, and printed a test page. But needlessly complicated. The last step , connect the printer to the MAC using the following steps:.

Windows Sharing

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Search Terms. Important Prerequisites - To do in Windows 7 or Windows 8 First, you need the printer to be correctly installed in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Related Articles. Popular Articles. What is RGB? How is it used? What about RGB lighting? How to convert a PDF into a Word document that can be edited.

How to connect your Mac computer to a Windows Shared folder

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