Instalar windows 7 en mac mini 2013

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Installing Windows 7 on your Mac using Boot Camp

Tested on a macmini3,1: Intel Core 2 Duo 2. Macmini 4,1 Using an amd64 image, this machine will boot and install Debian easily. Oddly, it boots differently depending on the boot media. Tested on a macmini4,1: Intel Core 2 Duo 2. Tested on a macmini5,3: Intel Core i7 2. Otherwise, Mac OS X To boot multiple operating systems, use OS X's tools to split up your drive and make room for everything.

If you forget to do this, installing the boot loader will fail. For dual or triple boot situations, hold down the Option key on your keyboard and the built-in boot volume chooser will let you select what you'd like to boot from. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated in months. This will be removed but is needed briefly, later. Note that you can install rEFIt on a USB stick and boot from that, which is especially useful if your goal is to have just Debian on the system as it simplifies partitioning.

I was able to resolve it by using the resolution package. Debian 4.

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  • 1. Download Ubuntu.

With the mid macmini 3,1 model, you need a "testing" installer to get a recent enough kernel for reboot to work with kernels from lenny and prior a hard power-off is needed after shutdown. Use regular install disks. Just head over to the Windows Store.

Some Caveats

If given an option, always choose the ISO file , which should be available for download even if you bought a physical version of Windows The flash drive option tends to be time-consuming and unnecessary, and should only be used if you have compatibility issues with a download. Once the app opens, an introductory screen offers information on the application and also suggests creating a backup of your data before continuing with the Windows install — we highly recommend doing this.

Click Continue to advance to the next screen. Remember that it needs to be at least 64GB although Apple recommends GB if you can spare that much. Boot Camp Assistant now gets to work creating the Windows partition and downloading Windows support software.

How to install Linux on a Macintosh and dual boot with macOS — The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide

Once Boot Camp Assistant has finished creating the partition, it will ask for your administrator password, then restart your Mac and load up the Windows installer. Follow the steps in the installer, entering your product key and choosing the correct version of Windows to install. However, Apple advises that in most cases, the correct partition will be selected and formatted automatically.

In the Settings window that opens, click Check for updates and let it download and install them all.