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It's one of many products M.

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Last week, we told you about the pizza cutter eyeliner. You can see it in action here. And now, we're all about this nine-shade M.

Amber Lights - Mac Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

It includes every shimmery and smoldering shade you could need for a standard smoky eye and several neutrals for a low-key, no-makeup, makeup look. It's basically M. TBH those pups are total basic bitch staples in the best possible way. After her first Boomerang, Szekely posted a helpfully labeled image.

We're surprised that a burgundy shade , Hell in Heels, is included in the palette. We'd consider the red to be anything but basic, but it has been a popular shadow hue and lip lately. I guess if there's a burgundy Kyshadow , it becomes ever-so-slightly basic. Other shades in the palette have similarly snarky names. The icing on the basic bitch cake is Love This Bitch, which is a pinky champagne that comes in a pan larger than the others.

No official details about the availability or price of the M.

M.A.C Eyeshadow

Wedge it in the groove to give yourself some leverage. Wiggle the tool back and forth to free the plastic housing from the compact. If you feel strong resistance, continue gently wiggling the tool back and forth until you can feel the housing start to come loose. Method 2. Light a small candle and use pliers to hold the shadow above the flame. Hold the plastic housing over the flame for 30 seconds to 1 minute or until the adhesive holding the pan inside the housing starts to melt.

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Hold it several inches above the flame. Push against the back of the shadow with a tool to pry it free. After 30 seconds or so, take your pointed tool and press it against the back of the plastic housing. The goal is to push the eyeshadow pan out of the housing once the adhesive is weak enough. Allow the eyeshadow pan to cool.

After you free the eyeshadow from the plastic housing, the metal pan will likely be hot. Let it cool for several minutes before you label it, place it in a palette, or otherwise handle it. Method 3.

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Plug in your flat iron and turn it to the highest setting. Place it on a trivet on your work area so one of its plates is flat against the table or counter.

Turn the iron on, and set it to the highest setting. Place the eye shadow in the plastic housing on the plate of the iron. Allow the plastic to sit on the iron for 15 to 20 seconds so the adhesive has time to melt before removing it. Stick a pointy tool against the center of the back of plastic housing to free the eyeshadow pan.

M.A.C Eyeshadow - Buy Best M.A.C Eyeshadow Online | Myntra

Take a tool with a pointy edge and press it against the black of the plastic housing in the center. Push on the plastic until the eyeshadow pan pops free. If it feels like the pan is resistant, you may want to place it back on the flat iron for several seconds to further weaken the adhesive. Let the eyeshadow pan cool. The eyeshadow pan will be hot when you press it free from the plastic housing. Make sure to let it cool on a towel or trivet for several minutes before handling it. Method 4. Isopropyl alcohol can help dissolve the adhesive that holds the eyeshadow pan in the plastic housing.

Apply the alcohol all around the shadow pan in the compact and let it sit. Take a medicine dropper and pick up a small amount of the alcohol. Run the medicine dropper all around the eyeshadow pan to dispense the alcohol between the pan and the plastic housing.

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Allow the alcohol to work on the adhesive for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Run the cotton swab around the pan, pressing gently to squeeze the alcohol between the pan and the plastic housing. In fact, isopropyl alcohol is often used to mend shattered eyeshadows, blushes, and powders. Run a craft knife or other sharp object between the pan and the plastic housing to loosen it. Take a craft knife or other pointed tool, and press it between the pan and the plastic housing.

Run it all along the pan to gently loosen it from the plastic. Wedge your tool underneath the pan pry it loose. When you feel the pan start to give as you work the craft knife around it, slip your tool under the pan to create leverage. Press upward with the knife to carefully pry the eyeshadow pan out of the plastic housing.

Method 5. Place a magnet on the back of the shadow pan. To fix your Depot shadows so you can place them in a palette, take a magnet sticker that you can find on a variety of beauty supply websites, as well as at craft stores, and place it on the back of your eyeshadow pan. Label the back of the shadow with the name. If you want to remember the shade names, take a round label that you can find at an office supply store, place it on the back of the pan, and write the shade name with a pen or marker.

Use your finger or a spatula to pry up an edge of the sticker and then peel it away. Press it onto the back of the magnet to label the shadow.