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When I click on it it's just a document with a lot of scripts. I guess thats the auto save information? What if there are 3 other projects? I did the "reveal in finder" on a clip to open up the file folder. I guess I'm not looking in the same area where the project file is to open up? I did a search for "movies" and it only pulled up Imovies.

I've never had luck with Apple Finder on our macpro and now this macbook. FCP X automatically saves your work inside the Library so you never lose any work. If you have multiple projects in your Library, they all will be saved inside that Library. The Library can be stored any place you wish.

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You never should open a Library in Finder and mess with its contents, that's a recipe for disaster and that's exactly why Libraries are closed containers. Everything you ever need to do in FCP X can be done right within the user interface. These are stored in the Movies folder by default, but you can save them anywhere you wish from within the FCP X interface. Library backups can help you restore your work even when a Library gets corrupted. Again, you can open the Library backups right within the user interface and you never need to go into any FCP X folders in Finder. While I think this is good advice in general, I have never had a problem opening and making changes in the library except the need to relink.

I don't do it often but most of what is in there is pretty straight forward and that which is not I just leave alone. I've had Fcp libraries get corrupted and recreated them and dragged the assets out of the old library into new folders from which I've reimported them into the new library. Just as an example.

I tend not to leave much in the library. I prefer to create a media folder in the finder and keep that In a project file along with the library and all other components of a given project. Project above in the common use of the word. The problem with libraries including ones that store mail is that it's one more container that can become corrupted but is more complex than the folders and files that we are used to moving around and when smart backing up. Craig, I entirely agree with you. When you know exactly what you are doing there is no real risk in exploring the contents of a Library package.

Yes you read the title right, layers.

Some editors love the FCPX magnetic timeline, other editors aren't that keen and have found alternative workarounds. Isazaly Mohd Isa uses a special way to lay out his audio which helps organise clips. Moving up a level from the Ken Burns moves is the technique of modifying and animating layers of a photo for 'The Kid Stays in the Picture' effect. What it is, and how to do it in this new MacBreak Studio episode. The popular skin smoothing plugin Beauty Box from Digital Anarchy has been updated to version 3 and it's just been released.

It's also at a discounted price until June 30th.

Idustrial Revolution started the ball rolling this morning with the simpler hashtag freeeffectfriday. As everybody loves free plugin effects for Final Cut Pro X, we thought that we would carry the thought on.

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Lots to download! There are many people on the internet who express their opinion about Final Cut Pro X, but Erik Knudsen does it rather well and rather succinctly.

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In the wake of WWDC, it refocuses us on the app, not the hardware. Phil Schiller summed it up quite nicely, 'can't innovate anymore, my ass. Yes we are well into June, but we have quite a few odd bits of news left over from May that we thought we would get out of the inbox to make space for WWDC. So in no particular order or ranking A treat this morning. Grab a coffee you will get thirsty and enjoy! Run out of ways on how to present a client's logo to make it look sexy? In this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, Steve and Mark take a look how to extend the functionality of the built-in Ken Burns picture moving tool.

If you want a pause in the movement, then read on. Larry says your eyes lie to you and if you want to colour correct or grade properly, then you need to fire up the 'scopes in FCPX. That's exactly what he does and he also shares some great skin tone percentage range tips at the end too. These two new free plugins from Coremelt will help get the start point on your grading right.

There is no doubt that the introduction of video shooting DSLRs has revolutionised the industry. Final Cut Pro X is perfect for the photographer who wants to get into video production. We also have a coupon code for discount. Two new plugins from the FxFactory stable. With a bit of help from Photoshop, this new episode of MacBreak Studio shows us how. We have to give a big thank you to Larry Jordan for spotting this one.

Make sure you have Hoovered the carpet in the office this morning as that's where your jaws will be after watching and more importantly listening to the demos. FCPX is very quick when it comes to editing, but sharing can take its time depending on what you are sending and to where.

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  • Ben Balser has a handy tip to let you know when a share has finished. A part two to our article on Apple's new 27" iMac that was very kindly loaned to us. We sum up our thoughts on the machine and come to the conclusion that there is one big problem with the iMac. So you've finished your edit in FCPX, how do you archive off a project for safe storage? In this new episode of MacBreak Studio we look at the correct way to make sure a project will come back to life in the future.

    We have seen it demoed, but today is the official release date for the updated plugin SliceX, the bezier masking tool for FCPX that now features Mocha tracking. We also have 3 copies to giveaway to lucky FCP. What are cinemagraphs? In this article we show you a recent broadcast feature made up entirely of cinemagraphs and we also look at how they are made using FCP and Motion. Light flares and anamorphic streaks are very popular. Want to learn Final Cut Pro X but can't get to or haven't got the time to attend an authorised training centre?

    May 2nd to 3rd. See how they perform this FCPX magic trick after the break! With not much news on a quiet Monday, we thought that it was a good opportunity to take a look at the best free Final Cut Pro X tutorials that have been published this month. The deluge of new plugins post NAB continues. New releases include a utility plugin for getting the timing right when editing to a script and a couple of new free plugins from Andy Mees.

    Hot off the uploads is the first third party test we have seen of the new Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera. The video and more details shamelessly scraped off Vimeo after the break. Mike very kindly lets us in on his workflow and equipment setup for the show.

    ReelSmart Motion Blur in Action

    Even we were picking up tips! It's certainly new plugin Monday here on FCP. Two new products from two Final Cut Pro X plugin developers.

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    Their background has been mainly with Sony Vegas users, so we took the opportunity to talk about their plugins at NAB. Also standby for Denoiser news! Editing a growing clip whilst ingesting has been pretty common practice with FCP7 for a while. Trying the same with existing replay based streaming solutions and Final Cut Pro X is a different story.

    However, if you are wondering whether it is possible to download a free copy of the Final Cut Pro, the answer is yes. Before downloading a torrent Final Cut Pro, keep in mind that downloading pirate software is illegal. Final Cut Pro is one of the most amazing video editing application available today that allows its users to edit just about any video format and convert it to any desired format. Though the application has earned accolades as one of the best video editing tools, it is quite expensive.

    Instead of paying this amount, most users opt to go for the numerous torrent sites that offer this application for free. Torrents are small files that track many different types of files and programs listed on websites. Your computer uses this tracking info to connect to sources for the files and programs desired. This torrent website allows users to download the Final Cut Pro.