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Oct 26, I found this after hours of frustration trying to find an app that would allow me to reduce scanned documents - it worked perfectly. I have just copied and pasted the answer for you. Since quite a few people have found it useful and keep asking questions about the download location and destination of the filters, which have changed since , I decided to write this update, and put it in this more current forum.

Here is the appropriate location for the filters: This assumes that your startup disk's name is "Macintosh HD". If it is different, just replace "Macintosh HD" with the name of your startup disk. When it opens in acrobat, did you try going to document in the menu and scroll down to reduce file size? If it is not under document it is under one of the selections in the menu. Also, if you have photoshop, open there and reduce the size there. When opening it should request a ppi or dpi.

Try dpi and see what happens. Nov 7, 9: Thanks so much for that. I have gone crazy trying to find the spot in between oatmeal Acrobat Pro: This quartz filter solution is excellent. I had pretty much given up and was going to reduce my scan resolution and start over. This really works for me. I have to transfer large image files with multiple pages over a network. You rock! Nov 7, 1: Kate, I'm glad it worked for you! I don't know why apple doesn't make an app like Adobe Acrobat for Macs - seems so shortsighted!!

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I'm glad the suggestion worked!!!! Duh, would help if I gave you the link to Wondershare: Jan 28, 3: Apr 2, 7: There is no other interface that I've found. Was this review helpful? This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. There's a color synk utility in Panther? Who knew?


If you want quick and easy pdf compression, don't bother to check it out. Just get this. I've been using PdfCompress since early Jag, and it's knock out. The slidebar sizing is a snap, and it's probably the most stable little solution I've ever used. After relying on it a couple of times a day for a couple of years, I not only have zero complaints; I really don't know where I'd be without it.

It turns pig files into featherweights, and opens all kinds of doors for emaling attachments. You'll get a lot more use out of your computer, and your dial-up friends will adore you. Add the fact that it's priced right and the developer backs it with responsive and highly knowledgeable support and you've got a no brainer.

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Great, great product. BTW, has anyone heard of a decent compression solution for the Windows?

My bro needs one. I use it to compress existing PDF files that usually have bookmarks.

Compress PDFs On MacOS Without Losing Quality

It works great. It keeps all the bookmarks intact, and I took a 71MB file provided by a client down to 11MB without losing any quality. Great work! This little gem routinely compresses PDF created from the Print I've seen it do Sometime's there's no wiggle room and the document just isn't getting any smaller. A big plus when disributing this to end users is the naming scheme.

PDFs that have been recompressed for screen or web usage are named appropriately. This should help keep busy people from sending a screen-resolution file to press. Try this in demo mode on the three biggest PDFs you've ever emailed and see how small they get. See if any of those would be comfortable for a modem user to download.

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  • Thanks so much! He has a nice Quartz filter you can download that allows you to open PDFs particularly […]. This worked perfectly! I was able to go from a 14 MB pdf to a very readable KB pdf in no time. Thanks so much — this is one of the few online pieces of advice that actually worked for me! This was incredibly useful thank you so much for this. I had the choice of a 80Mb good quality or Kb awful one before. Awesome advice! Thank you so much for sharing. The built in filter turned my MB PDF with great image quality into KB with crap for images and a poor reflection on a professional photog.

    Now I have a 2. Thanks for the heads-up!

    PdfCompress for Mac - Free download and software reviews - CNET

    Eric, thanks for the fabulous tip. It works great. I have a quick question for you — I recreated it per your instructions, but how do you export the. Awesome, I was googling around and trying a number of things but this is perfect, especially for scanned txt as the default filter turns it to garbage! Thank you!!!!!

    I tried everything else, all terrible quality for the text PDF.


    Worked amazingly well. The original reduce size filter destroyed scanned documents I was trying to send. I adjusted the filters as you described and I swear, the docs look better and are less than half the original size. Thanks for passing this on! Thank you, Internet Citizen. Soooo helpful! This solution is brillant. I had a 4MB paper to turn in for class with lots of detailed images but it had to be less than 2MB when submitted.

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    I created my own filter just as you described and it worked perfectly. My 4MB file was compressed to just KB and the images were still very clear. I tried a shareware app that does the same thing and it took about 4 -5 minutes while direct from preview took under 1 min. So of course I had to Google and found this handy post.