Clone mac hard drive with recovery partition

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Use Disk Utility to Clone a Mac's Drive

Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Robin Curtis Robin Curtis. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: I have installed a new hard drive because of looming silent drive failure problems. However - I don't appear to have a Recovery Partition now. Is there a simple way of reinstalling the Recovery Partition? Recovery Partition Creator version 4. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

Cloning Apple's Recovery HD partition

Tesserax Tesserax. Apple TV Speciality level out of ten: View answer in context. EFI disk0s2: CoreStorage Macintosh HD Boot OS X disk1: EFI disk1s2: CoreStorage Macintosh HD 2. Recovery HD disk2: When performing a backup of a macOS volume, Carbon Copy Cloner automatically archives the Recovery HD volume that is associated with the source volume to a disk image.

This archive can later be restored to another Recovery HD volume. You must log in as an admin user to create or modify a recovery volume in CCC. Drobo devices do not support dynamic volume resizing reference , and therefore cannot accept a Recovery HD volume.

This documentation will refer to the chosen disk as the "donor" disk. No data will be harmed on the donor disk, it will simply be resized so some space can be allocated for the new Recovery HD volume. When the task has completed, the Recovery HD volume will not be mounted on your Desktop, nor will it appear in Disk Utility it's a very special, very hidden volume! You can verify the functionality of this Recovery HD volume by holding down the Option key on startup, then selecting the Recovery HD volume as the startup disk.

When performing Recovery HD cloning tasks on a laptop, be sure to keep the Mac plugged into an AC power supply for the duration of the task. Recloning the Recovery HD volume may be helpful if the Recovery HD volume is invalid, or its partition type is invalid and it appears on your Desktop. In some cases you may have reason to remove a Recovery volume from your backup disk.

To remove the Recovery HD volume:. If you still have the Recovery partition, you can transfer the partition manually. Some of these hoops are: Add or remove the command prefix sudo. Use the cd command to navigate to the proper directory folder.

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Precede a command or file with the proper path. Make the proper adjustments if the sector size is not bytes. Deal with addition complexities, if employing Core Storage. Current size: GPT fdisk gdisk version 1. Devices opened with shared lock will not have their partition table automatically reloaded!

Use Disk Utility to Clone a Mac's Drive

Partition table scan: Set fields are: Attribute value is Expert command? About to write GPT data.

How to Clone Mac OS X to new HDD or SSD

Do you want to proceed? The kernel may continue to use old or deleted partitions. You should reboot or remove the drive. The operation has completed successfully. If you can not do this, then restart the Mac. Below a is first attempt.

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The requested size change for the target disk or a related disk is too small; please try a different disk or partition, or make a larger change Steelhead: