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The nagware annoyance aside, StatPlus:mac LE should suffice for many users, especially those that have been stuck with Excel and haven't been too thrilled with its performance under Rosetta. And, for those that have more advanced analysis needs, StatPlus:mac Pro may prove to be a useful solution.

Microsoft Updates Office 2008 and 2011 for Excel Vulnerabilities

You must login or create an account to comment. That works great on adding the row.

Thanks again for getting past the dynamic row problem. Now I am wanting to improve this to find the unused row automatically. I need this because I need an entry to be put in by Calendar automatically on a monthly basis.

Cannot find the "What If Analysis" in Excel - Microsoft Community

Since it won't have any intervention it has to be able to find the first unused row on its own. Here is what I have and I am using Stefan's suggestion but I am getting an error. Thanks Randal. I changed the beginning of the code to this snippet to find the first empty row and now it is working without giving any errors.

I start at row 4 because I have Column headings in row 1 then I have 2 blank lines so the entries begin on row 4. I have the amount and balance field already formatted so they aren't blank but the code above is only looking to see if cell 1 is blank so it works great.

Excel 2008 for Mac- Relative and Absolute Cell References

In case, someone wants to see the all of the completed code here it is. Atom topic feed. Thursday, August 15, Or click on the Print Preview button to see how the page will look with the new margin values.

Enter a formula

It has a picture of a person turned sideways next to it. You can click on one of the values listed, or type in a value, even if it is not one of the values listed. You should then see the difference between the Subtotal and the Budget data. Here is the formula you inserted in the G5 cell:.

Tip: You can also just click in the G5 cell and type the above formula except for the part in the brackets [ ].