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Apart from these ports, you need to open one port for each brick starting from port instead of onwards as with previous releases. The brick ports assignment scheme is now compliant with IANA guidelines. For example: if you have five bricks, you need to have ports to open.

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Download the latest glusterfs, glusterfs-fuse, and glusterfs-rdma RPM files to each client. The glusterfs package contains the Gluster Native Client. You can download the software at GlusterFS download page. For each.

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The md5sum of the packages is available at: GlusterFS download page. Uninstall GlusterFS v3. Verify that the correct version of Gluster Native Client is installed, using the following command:.

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After installing the Gluster Native Client, you need to mount Gluster volumes to access data. There are two methods you can choose:. Server names selected during creation of Volumes should be resolvable in the client machine. The server specified in the mount command is only used to fetch the gluster configuration volfile describing the volume name.


Subsequently, the client will communicate directly with the servers mentioned in the volfile which might not even include the one used for mount. If you see a usage message like "Usage: mount.

You can specify the following options when using the mount -t glusterfs command. Note that you need to separate all options with commas.

If backupvolfile-server option is added while mounting fuse client, when the first volfile server fails, then the server specified in backupvolfile-server option is used as volfile server to mount the client. This option is useful when you mount a server with multiple IP addresses or when round-robin DNS is configured for the server-name.. If use-readdirp is set to ON, it forces the use of readdirp mode in fuse kernel module. You can configure your system to automatically mount the Gluster volume each time your system starts.

If the gluster volume was successfully mounted, the output of the mount command on the client will be similar to this example:. The output of df command on the client will display the aggregated storage space from all the bricks in a volume similar to this example:. You can use NFS v3 to access to gluster volumes.

Gluster Native Client

It is started automatically whenever the NFS server is run. You must install nfs-common package on both servers and clients only for Debian-based distribution. This section describes how to use NFS to mount Gluster volumes both manually and automatically and how to verify that the volume has been mounted successfully. Prerequisite : Install nfs-common package on both servers and clients only for Debian-based distribution , using the following command:.

You can configure your system to automatically mount Gluster volumes using NFS each time the system starts. After that, whenever a user or process attempts to access the directory it will be mounted in the background. Knowledge Forums. To translate this article, select a language. The shared folder opens in Finder.

The share stays connected until you eject it or restart your Mac.

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Close System Preferences. The share will automatically connect when you restart your Mac.

Add the " insecure " parameter to the line that defines the share you're trying to access. If you still have permission issues, they might be caused by local folder permissions that might restrict access to owner, group and others. Create a new shared folder with more open permissions. Find related content.

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