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Fig 3. To test the new setting, click in the ' Type here to test settings ' box, or press Tab until the text in the box is highlighted, and then type something to test the key repeat rate. To change the delay before a key starts repeating when it is held down, click on the ' Delay Until Repeat ' slider as shown in Fig 4 to select a more comfortable delay rate, or press Tab until the slider is highlighted and use the left and right arrow keys to select your speed.

Fig 4. Note : If this does not work it could be because your computer settings cannot be changed due to local IT policies - contact your local IT support for further help. Slow Keys enables you to adjust the amount of time the computer waits after you press a key before it accepts it.

This means that you can press hundreds of keys by accident but they will be ignored unless a key is held down for a specific length of time. In the 'Universal Access' window shown in Fig 3 , make sure the ' Keyboard ' tab is selected.

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Click the ' On ' radio button next to 'Slow Keys', as shown in Fig 3, or press Tab to highlight the ' Off ' radio button and press the left arrow key to switch Slow Keys on. By default, a click sound is made when you hold down a key. If you want to turn off this warning, untick the box next to ' Use click key sounds ' by clicking on it, or press Tab to highlight it and then press the Spacebar to untick it. You can also adjust how long the computer waits after you press a key before it recognises it.

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To do this, click on the ' Acceptance Delay ' slider to lengthen or shorten the delay, or press Tab until the slider is highlighted and then press the left and right arrow keys to adjust the delay. Search term:. Read more. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled.

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How to change the keyboard settings in Mac OS X. Areas in this guide: Change your computer's delay rate and repeat rate Set up Slow Keys Note: The following abbreviations for keys on the Mac are used: Ctrl is used for the Control key, Apple is used for the Command key, and Alt is used for the Option key. Share this page. We chose about half of them, for you not to get lost in them.

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  • You may copy-paste them anywhere you like, or you may use their Unicode values, within your HTML and other programming codes. Before you pick your favorite arrow, let's see how to type an arrow symbol in Word or in Excel? First type the Unicode Hex value of the arrow symbol to where you want it, and select the value by cursor, then press and hold down the alt key down, and pres x.


    Unicode codes can not be typed. To use them in facebook, twitter, textbox or elsewhere just follow the instructions at top.

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