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Not a big deal. You could however make various batches of playlists to do this. It's a pretty dumb and slow process though. And Google Play Music is more like the "Worst music player"for android than anything else. Thank you, so helpful.

I'm just wanting to download music to put on an MP3 for my kid who does not need internet access at all times, very helpful!! Thank you, very helpful dont know why Google play can't have an easy option to do this on your phone. Allowing for your personal inventory to be restored to new device. Thank you, excellent tip! It's a pity Google Play Music is so dysfunctional. It can play music - Yes. It can sort and manage music - No. You can also just download the mp3's with a PC app called "Song Spout" it works great with a google music subscription!

Unfortunately you have to use multiple playlists if you have over songs because Google limits the length of a playlist to songs. I found a way around that. If you select them like mentioned here and then thumb them all up, there's an auto 'thumbs up' playlist that can have more than a thousand and you can download that.

This sounds like a great solution but when I tried it, I cant seem to thumbs up more than one song at a time. I can't figure it out as is. The downloaded mp3's won't play anymore. I checked the file through the hex editor, a typical header hex for mp3s 0x 49 44 33 is not present anymore.

It looks like they've encrypted mp3 files in the newer version of play music DRM maybe? They have applied encryption on the songs. The songs don't play anywhere and thus, this method won't work. Thank you for the simple to follow instructions! My music was really eating up my data, now not a worry! Is this a method I could use if the data package is being tuned off on my phone and I want to still have all the songs I purchased one by one, individually on my phone from Google play. Is this method we can use to save songs my daughter has purchased from Google play over the last couple of years?

We're turning off data package on the phone too much data usage but don't want her to lose the the years' worth of songs she's purchased. We don't have a monthly subsciption have purchase songs individually.

I could use some advise. Yes, this is Thee method to to save all songs, from Google Play Music, to a smartphone so that they can accessed offline without the need for any data or even Wi-Fi usage. These problems may be totally false, but I just like to play it safe. The amount of storage 32gb, 64gb, gb is up to you to decide. It's kind of ridiculous that I'd have to rename purchased mp3 names if I wanted to use them elsewhere. While this idea seems great in concept, it fails because if you download via a playlist, those albums do not show up in your collection unless they are mp3's you own.

So let's say you add a bunch of albums to a list, download it, and then want to listen to just one album from that list offline. Not unless you go to the playlist, find the album in it, and play from there. Obviously, this is pretty tedious. Especially if your playlists are not ordered well or if an album spans 2 lists because of that stupid limit. Playlists should add all of the albums even if it has one song to the library but Google does not think this is a good idea they have told me that This could be as simple as "try to fit everything indicated into whatever space available" or there could be profiles for your different devices.

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Much like Google Play has you choose where to install an app. If the former were implemented, the mobile apps could have a switch that says whether or not to allow auto-download of pinned songs. This is all a pipe dream though because I have given them feedback over and over and no one listens. They seem to think that everyone should just stream. Like we all have unlimited data or are always on wifi.

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Also, the nice thing about the web download tag is that if you get a new device All your metadata is saved and you don't have to go through the whole process again. I have about 8, songs offline and when you get to about K, the app slows to a CRAWL between hitting a button and a dialog opening. I don't understand either why the songs in my playlists doesn't appear in the song tabs of my music library. I guess like you said that google think that everyone just stream. I am absolutely Blown Away by the sheer stupidity of this design decision.

Google Music has to be the worst designed music player app I've ever used. Thanks for posting this. This is the first workable solution I've come across, and although not perfect due to the song playlist limit , it's closer than any other solution I've found.

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Please consider updating your article with some info about how to work around the song limit. I personally select the first , take a note of what song is the th, make a playlist called "", then repeat starting with the last song I had selected. A pain for sure, but again, better than the lack of alternatives. There is an easier way to download all your songs. Just go to Playlists and download the "Last Added" Playlist. The Last Added Playlist is automatically generated by play music and it will always be up to date with all your songs.

Does anybody know an alternative to Song Spout?

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Or any other way to download to music of Google Play Music? If your looking to download google music's subscription tracks then Song Spout on your PC is by far a better option! It will automatically save anything that is in your play queue to your machine with meta tags and album art! Its by far the fastest and easiest way to do this Nice suggestion. Spotify in addition to allowing downloading Playlists, Albums and Songs also allows you to download an artist which is very convenient.

I started downloading albums after I had grabbed individual songs I liked from various artists, not realizing that google play grabs the whole album even if you have one song that you selected from the Album. That sucks. I'll do the above to keep my playlists under control. Just checked and now Google Music no longer has this restriction as long as your using Google Chrome to download on PC.

You have to use the Google Chrome browser or there Music Manager. Here is a copy paste from there help article. Read it at this link yourself:. When you download using Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox, you can download a song to your computer two times. When you use Google Play Music for Chrome or Music Manager, you can download to your computer an unlimited amount of times. Unfortunately this way will not work any more. I followed all of the instructions and can see the files they're. If you copy the files to your internal storage or sdcard you'll be able to play it as normal with any music player of your choice.

You DO need to be rooted to do this though. Google has a playlist limit of songs, and my library has over songs.

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Very strange that this article doesn't mention this limitation. Of course, I can just make four separate playlists to download entire library, but both the fact that playlists are limited to songs and the fact that there's no simple, dedicated way to download your entire libary to your phone is just ridiculous.

I agree, it could be easily integrated. Also a good updated view of new releases would be nice. Rdio was good for that. I purchased my first phone, Samsung Galaxy s5 last year. I loved the fact that their Music Icon allowed me instant access to my personal music folder on my desktop. Now, with the upgrade they just put on my phone this weekend, they have taken that away requiring me to download the software on my computer.

I'm not doing it. I was told Google Play Music would work, but it's not letting me access my music folder. How do I get my songs streaming from my PC to my phone? Google play will no longer play music at all, no error message or anything pops up. It registers that I click the song but nothing plays.

Just a heads up, it appears that if you delete the playlist that you use to cache these songs, the cached songs will disappear as well Downloaded 7 gigs of music overnight, deleted the playlist, and now I'm back to square one. Yes, this is still the case with the latest version, as I found out today with 45GB of music, now downloading for the second time Appreciate you posting this.

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It was helpful in getting my phone loaded up. Article was sufficiently complete that I didn't even have to wander into the comments. Also found that files are not playable through Music, other top 3rd-party music players. If anything works, will share the good news. I have a music app that has more features than the Google play app that can browse folders and I just want to use Google play to backup and buy my music.