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I Always do the following steps with new music: First is that I use renamer to straighten up the way the filenames are displayed, then I use mp3 tag to check the taginfo of the song, and clear the comment section. If you add the comment column in traktor, you will be able to see the MIK results, and select the best fitting tracks for your mix. Messages: 3, I was using MIK V4.

Mixed in key vip code

One guy here at the forum "ibsh" is a kind of a computer genius and made the little "key finder" app for mac and windows and guess what - it's donateware works faster and without internet connection during the analysis. For me a better choice. TomDooley , Aug 22, Messages: 1, MiK is more informative then what's built into Traktor.

And the camelot wheel which is available to use for MIK is very nice. Perhaps a way to get the keys in traktor adopted by more users is to develop a similar chart? Messages: 7. If you are on the latest version this does exactly what MIK does and you can just rescan your entire collection in Traktor and get exactly the same key information. I have a huge music collection and just left it running for the day to analyse and update all my tracks. In my experience, the results are fantastic and give you some additional confidence to drop into mixes a bit earlier and combine more of the harmonic elements without clashing keys.

If like me you do not have perfect pitch, then this key information really helps your ear start to tune into "in key" mixes. I have many older tracks that have been analysed by Mixed In Key and have noticed something odd.

If i put the 'key field' and 'key text field' next to each other i can compare the results between Mixed In Key and Traktor. I know each software uses a slightly different system but many, many tracks have completely inconsistent results. I thought all the '1m' tracks would have a different but consistent value, for example, all showing as '8A'. I've not used MiK so I can't offer a comparison - but Traktor does work well for me. Coincidentally Endo's published this on Dubspot.

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Perfectly match them to your production or DJ mix. Analyze Your Sample Library Splice samples? No more file scanning. Just drag-and-drop this plugin into your session.

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  3. Harmonic Mixing for DJs and Music Producers.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition. Your collection will be analyzed with the best algorithms in the world. One button. Advanced key detection. No guesswork.

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Matching samples to your productions can be hit-and-miss. Tune your drums.

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Drum-tuning can be the difference between sounding professional or sounding like an amateur. Master your Master Bus.