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Latest cumulative update to Windows 10 version gave us all a surprise.

This means Windows may patch whenever it pleases. The rules of apply, schedule and control are no longer possible to maintain. Instead, focus on going with the flow, validate and keep the end user experience as smooth as possible. This is why we created two new Agent Procedures sub folder dedicated specifically to Windows 10 and Office First out in this new setup is Agent Procedures focusing on Windows 10 patch management. And as usual we have updated all our app deploy and update Agent Procedures to latest version.

Be sure to patch your MAC machines. We provide some tools for that. Intel are in the doghouse together with Apple.

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As usual with Power Pack, the most common applications are updated to latest. Good to use when migrating to Offcie While we are Power Packing never gets old our bags for Kaseya Connect Amsterdam we are finalizing our latest release. Pleny of cool new Agent Procedures. As usual the application update Agent Procedures are newest versions to this day.

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This is just a quick update. As usual, all of Sweden will be shut down celebrating midsummer on Friday.

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Saturday and Sunday will be in recovery and bootup mode. We managed to get some updates out the door and ready for delivery. We have on-boarded many Kaseya customers previously running other RMM tools over the years and we sometimes see issues with Kaseya Patch Management not getting the the privileges to do its magic.

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This due to stuff left behind from prior Patch Management solutions and can be fixed by resetting the whole Patch Cache on the machine. This is something we now share with all of you. Better to be prepared for the next wave of WannaCry, right? As usual we try to stay as current as possible with all the Application Deployment and Update examples, but feel free to contact us if you find any application lagging behind.

Have a great Weekend! Yes, even more patches to apply. We made an effort to catch them all in one single Agent Procedure, throwing them at the wall and see if they stick. Do try this out and give us feedback. You can also use the Server template to patch We focused on the Scandinavian languages and US English, but feel free to add any additional language.

This will help you setting Windows Firewall rules on Serves and Workstations. This example will pin Outlook, Word and Excel on the taskbar, as the name implies. Use it for standardization or in a help-desk call. We just WannaCry! This is a short broadcast to all of you Power Packers out there. Unsupported Windows 8. Working on it. Quick links:. KaseyaConnect is just around the corner and we at Upstream are Power Packing our bags. Funny, right? This update give you several new tools to use.

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As usual we have updated all the commonly used applications to the current patched version and finally we introduce Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 17 to the family. One special note goes to the just announced Intel AMT vulnerability scan we provide.

This is a never-ending quest for the optimal disk cleanup. We are very interested to hear your feedback and sugestions on this. We have seen cleanups up to 40GB when running this.

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Do try it out. Get the OS language for reporting and application deployment. We map hex to Scandinavian languages and US English, but you can very easy add any language. Determine the SQL version for reporting. This is a quick way to update any endpoint with the Upstream Kaseya Power Pack applications if used. Current version is Current version is 8. We now deploy the latest Adobe Reader All Agent Procedure based reports for audit purposes will be placed here and named by the Agent Procedure name.

Placed in the folder above. We aim to build a completely free and openly distributed baseline of content that will spin up a new or existing Kaseya VSA with a ready to go Kaseya Policy framework in minutes. The very basic foundation for any Kaseya VSA customer to get going is included, thus the name. We will continue with the same quality as previous years of Power Pack releases and gradually update and add more content coming releases making it easy for any Kaseya admin to pick and choose what to use.

Much like Lego. We also made our final move from Dropbox to Dattodrive for all our file distribution. Deploy Office ClickRun silent over the Internet. Update drivers from Windows Update instantly from command line. Instantly patch any Windows system from the command line. New scanning and alert parameters. New Smartctl. A recorded session, previously given at the Kaseya Connect user conference covering, May 31, Kaseya Remote Control features, the technical details of the solution, and the currently planned roadmap for the next 3 releases.

Doing this requires an incredible sense of conviction, focus, and sometimes forces some difficult decisions. Rebuilt the entire communication stack between the agent, VSA, and admin to be efficient, highly intelligent, and blistering fast. Rebuilt the screen rendering code based on video codec technology. This same technology drives the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and many other online video streaming services. Moving forward we will continue to capitalize on the innovation and efficiency gains as this technology evolves. Optimized sessions for high latency connections - we constantly watch the integrity of the connection and increase or decrease the framerate so performance and usability are maintained.

Included all remote control software as part of the agent installation. This way you can connect to the agent immediately after checking into the VSA. Introduced the ability for admins to share the same console session to enable session collaboration. Added multi-monitor support from admin to endpoint - you can even launch a 2nd or 3rd session to the same system to see all of the monitors at once.

As mentioned above, our goal is to build the worlds fastest remote control.

Unfortunately, this demands some difficult and potentially unpopular decisions. To be the best at 1 thing, the engineering and product management team must be able to focus fully on a single solution. Continuing to support multiple solutions and uses cases becomes a distraction from the primary objective. We understand that RDP has some powerful features that you may be using. We plan to replicate these features in future updates of Kaseya Remote Control. In the case of Windows workstations operating systems, all business grade operating systems Pro, Business, Ultimate, etc allow a single user to be connected to a system at any given time.

When using RDP in this use case, a private session can be provided to a remote admin, but the local end user will be logged off. All work performed during this private session will not be seen on the remote system. Although our solution may not work exactly the same way, Kaseya Remote Control will have a private session option so that administrators can work on a workstations without the end user visually seeing what is being done.

With Windows Server operating systems, Microsoft provides licensing allowing 2 admins to connect to the same server. In the case where one admin is logged onto the console, private session support allows the 2nd admin to connect to their own virtual session without disturbing the console admin or showing their session on the remote screen. Terminal Servers allow end users to remote in and work from a virtual session environment. All users work from the same physical operating system, each with their own private Windows environment.


In most use cases, end users remote in from their home and connect to their work computer. RDP maps the local printers, located on their home computer, to their RDP session allowing the end user to print to their the printer on their home network. This feature allows for the sound on the remote system to be heard on the local system.